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Minutes from the NHC meeting Oslo November 18th 2008

Nordic Haemophilia Council General Meeting
Oslo, November 18, 13:00 – 18:00


§1. The meeting is formally opened

§2. Stefan Lethagen, Copenhagen, is elected chairman for the meeting, with unanimous vote

§3. The agenda is reviewed

§4. Formation of a formal association of the Nordic Haemophilia Council
a. Stefan Lethagen proposes that the current informal network the Nordic Haemophilia Council is transformed to a formal association.
b. Stefan Lethagen presents a preliminary document of “Articles of Association”, as prepared in collaboration with the Danish law firm Gorissen Federspiel Kierkegaard. The Articles are discussed in detail and several adjustments are made. The final document is attached to these minutes. The following are the most important points of discussion.
c. Discussion about the name of the organisation. There are several suggestions:
• Nordic Haemophilia Center Council NHCC
• Nordic Council of Bleeding Disorders NCBD
• Nordic Association of Haemophilia Centers NAHC
• Nordic Council of Haemophilia Centers NCHC
• Nordic Haemophilia Centers Doctor’s Organisation NHCDO
• Nordic Haemophilia Council
With a vote of 7-1 in favour, the Meeting decides to keep the name already in use, instead of finding a new name. Thus, the name of the association will be the Nordic Haemophilia Council, hereafter abbreviated NHC
d. The objectives of the NHC and thus criteria for membership. The NHC should be an association of experts within the field of haemophilia and other bleeding disorders, consisting of the doctors of the Nordic haemophilia centers, and some selected experts within other related professions. It will not be a broad organisation open for interested nurses, chemists, physiotherapists etc. Thereby the NHC will remain a quite small association, probably making it more efficient in making decisions, promoting scientific collaboration and producing clinical guidelines, which are the most important objectives.
e. A “Membership Committee” consisting of representatives from each of the Nordic countries decides on each application for membership was discussed. An alternative suggestion was that the General Meeting should appoint new members, but the meeting voted 8-5 in favour of a Membership Committee. It was decided that application to become a member of the NHC shall be sent to one of the Executive Committee members, who will present candidate members at the General Meeting of the NHC, which will decide by standard majority vote to admit or refuse membership.
f. With a vote of 8-3 in favour, the meeting decided that the members should pay a small annual membership fee. The rational for this is that it will provide a yearly check-up of the list of members, and an assurance that all formal members are actually still interested in being members.

§5. There is a unanimous vote to form the association that will be called the Nordic Haemophilia Council (NHC). The NHC Articles of Association are attached to this document.

§5. Election of the Executive Committee of the NHC
• Stefan Lethagen, Copenhagen, is unanimously elected Chairman. There were no other nominees.
• Pall Onundarson , Reykjavik, is unanimously elected Secretary. There were no other nominees. Pall Onundarson is also the Webmaster of the NHC website which is under construction.
• Jan Astermark, Malmø, was unanimously elected Treasurer. There were no other nominees.

§6. Appointment of an Auditor. Riitta Lassila, Helsinki, was unanimously elected.

§7. There will be a proposition made to all relevant pharmaceutical companies to unrestrictively donate 5000 Euro each to the NHC.

§8. The first formal General Meeting of the NHC will be held in connection with the next Nordic Coagulation Meeting in Oslo, in the morning on Thursday the 4/6 2009.

§9. Pall Onundarson, demonstrates the preliminary version of the NHC website, .

§10. Formal closing of the meeting.

Minutes written by Michael Damgaard, Copenhagen, 24. November 2008.

The following persons were present and voting at the meeting:
Stefan Lethagen, Copenhagen
Michael Damgaard, Copenhagen
Jørn Dalsgaard, Copenhagen
Jens Peter Gøtze, Copenhagen
Malou Philips, Copenhagen
Erik Berntorp, Malmø
Jan Astermark, Malmø
Mohammed Khawaji, Malmø
Fariba Baghaei, Gøteborg
Pia Petrini, Stockholm
Margareta Holmstrom
Male physician from Stockholm
Riitta Lassila, Helsinki
Finnish female physician
Pål André Holme, Oslo
Pall Onundarson, Reykjavik

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