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Minutes from the executive NHC board meeting November 19th 2009


Minutes from the executive NHC board meeting November 19th 2009

Participants: Páll Torfi Önundarson, Jan Astermark, Pål Andrè Holme

• NCI has received payment of 5000 Euros from the following corporate sponsors: Biovitrum and Octapharma. Baxter and Bayer are ready to pay. Páll makes a new contract for NovoNordisk.
• 3 members have so far paid the annual NHC fee of 10 Euro. Jan will send out a letter to each centre. Each member must email Jan Astermark (treasurer) his/her invoice address and Jan will send out an invoice.

Working groups:
1. Acquired hemophilia: Lilian has upgraded the guidelines, they have been placed on the website Sept 15th 2009.

2. Working group on VWD guidelines (as decided at the last general meeting).
Working committee: Andreas Hilarp is new chairman and has replaced Stefan Lethagen. Other members: Jörgen Ingerslev, Pål Andre Holme, Páll T. Önundarson, Pia Petrini, Riitta Lassila. Jan will ask Andreas to initiate the work.

Issues discussed:
Should NHC establish a common file/database for all Nordic hemophilia centres? – Decided to be discussed by all members on the next annual meeting

NHC guidelines on the treatment of hemophilia?
The decision was made to await the Swedish guidelines which are being finalized. Páll and Pål will then go through them- a working group will be pointed out.

NHC Website:
-Needs input and spontaneous articles from members
-List expert/referral laboratories

Questions from corporates:
-NCH should not be an advisory board for corporate sponsors.
However, specific questions addressed for the executive committee might be forwarded for general discussion at the annual meetings.

Next annual meeting: To be determined, scheduled April /May 2010

Oslo 20.11.09

Pål Andrè Holme
Secretary NHC

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