Board Meetings

Minutes from the executive meeting Kastrup May 2nd 2012

Participants: Páll Torfi Önundarson and Pål Andrè Holme. Jan Astermark could not attend.


Jan informed by phone:
May 2012: NHC has a total of approx 250.000,00 DKR.

The EXC will propose to drop the annual NHC fee of 10 Euro at the next general meeting. However, all members must be registered to have votes.

a. Corporate sponsors – Who has paid?
• 2009: Octapharma, Biovitrum,
• 2010: Baxter, Bayer,
• 2011: Octapharma, Behring, SOBI, NovoNordic
• 2012: SOBI. Baxter, Behring will be asked to sponsor for 2012


Páll informed about the Websites. No new proposals for the website has arrived from members. It was discussed whether the site should be dropped and a Facebook page be used instead, but it was decided to continue with the website since this is available to all and has a closed site for members only.

Working groups:

von Willebrand working group:
• Members: Andreas (chair), Riitta, Pål Andre, Pall, Andrea, Pia
• The revised short version is published.
• The full version is still under revision and Páll will press on Andreas to finish the work within this year. Preferably we can have a discussion at the general meeting.

Nordic guidelines for treatment of haemophilia

• Erik (chair), Riitta, Lone, Pål Andrè, Páll
• Jan Astermark as the chair of the WG on principle of care and education

The group has been formally initiated and will have a first meeting this afternoon.

Guidelines on acquired hemophilia

Jan will revise the old guidelines

Working group for a common database in the Nordic centres.

The NHC wants to have a common database in the Nordic centres and different solutions were discussed. The aim is to get vital statistics form the Nordic Hemophilia Centers. Margareta (Chair) and Elena (co- Chair) together with Erik and Andrea will lead this work in the future.
Páll will contact Margareta and Elena to initiate the work.

Working group on platelet dysfunction.

Platelet dysfunction (Riitta will chair the group). Andreas will be asked to participate. The work will be initiated this year
The group will discuss issues related to platelet disorders such as methodology: aggregometry, Multiplate etc and treatment.

Executive committee issues:

Treasurer election 2012: The executive committee proposes that Jan run for re-election at the next general meeting for two years.

Next general meeting:

Option 1: In connection to the Nordic Coagulation meeting Stockholm 30th -1st Sept 2012. Bonnier Conference centre. Morning meeting 30th 10am -1pm.

Pål will contact Margareta concerning available time during the meeting

Option 2: Full day meeting in Copenhagen

Oslo 02.05.12

Pål Andrè Holme
Secretary NHC

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