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NHC General meeting, Visby, 12 Sept 2014, Agenda

The Nordic Hemophilia Council General Meeting will be held between 2 and 5 pm at the Convention Center in Visby, Gotland, immediately following the Nordic Coagualtion Meeting 2014 on Friday September 12 2014 from about at 1-4 pm, .

The meeting will probably last no more than 1,5 -2 hours as there is no planned consensus meeting this time.

For those members of the NHC with a special agenda wanting to attend the general meeting but not participating in the NordCoag Conference, The NHC will consider paying travel expenses of members according to the executive committee decision in each case. Our treasurer, Lone Hvitfeldt will then refund travel expenses but you will need to arrange travel yourselves. Any request for refund of travel cost must be approved before the meeting.

This is the final agenda for the general meeting will be posted on the NHC homepage and communicated by e-mail to the members at least 4 weeks in advance.

The agenda for the Ordinary General Meeting shall include the following:

1. Appointment of chairman of the meeting.

2. The report from the past year by the Executive Committee.

3. The report from the working groups.

4. Presentation of the audited annual report from the past financial year.

5. Discussion of incoming proposals.

6. Appointment of the Executive Committee, cf. 6.

7. Appointment of working groups

8. Appointment of auditor.

9. Any other business.

- Decision on publication of NHC hemophilia guidelines; supplement in Hemophilia?
- Factor VII deficiency working group (Eva Zetterberg presents)

There will be no election of officials at this meeting/ the executive committe will continue for another year.

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