Board Meetings

Agenda of the Concensus Meeting 23 November 2017 in Copenhagen


Nordic Haemophilia Council Meeting

Location: Copenhagen Airport (T3), Clarion meeting room Pegasys

Date: 2017-11-23, 09.00- 12.00 (breakfast 9-9.30)

Meeting agenda


  1. Appointment of chairman for the meeting
  2. Appointment of secretary for the meeting
  3. Report of the working groups
    1. Nordic Hemophilia Guidelines
    2. Nordic  Acquired hemophilia study and grant application (Eva)
    3. Platelet function assessment in the Nordic countries (Riitta)
    4. Electronic platelet questionnaire  (Riitta)
    5. Genetic analysis of platelet activation and inhibition receptors (Riitta)
    6. VWD perspective paper  (Riitta)
    7. FVII-deficiency guidelines  (Ola, Eva)
  4. Next meeting – Nordic Coagulation Meeting in Stockholm 6th September 2018

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